The Paint Shop Auto Body Repair, Inc
Hickory, North Carolina
Full Collision Repair
Full Collision Repair

Accidents happen...and when they do, make us your one-stop repair shop for all of your repair needs...foreign or, truck, or SUV...if it can be repaired, we can do it.

Because we are a small family-owned shop, your vehicle won't be parked in storage lot where it may wait for weeks to be scheduled behind easier or better paying jobs.  We realize that your vehicle is a big part of your life, and that it is an incovenience to be without it any longer than absolutely necessary.  We'll work to get you back in your car as soon as possible.

We have the equipment, knowledge, skills, and experience to repair accident damage to your vehicle:

- we work with your insurance adjuster to ensure that you are treated as fairly as possible
- we go the extra mile to provide you with the best job possible
- repair your vehicle to industry standards and to your  satisfaction!
- frame straightening and re-alignment
- subframe and inner structure repair/replacement
- replacing or repairing sheet metal, fiberglass or composite body panels
- full glass replacement
- engine compartment component replacement (radiators, condensors, fans, etc.)
- drivetrain, suspension, braking or electrical system component replacement
- damaged tire & wheel replacement
- exterior molding, trim, & graphics replacement
- air bags, seat belts, & interior trim replacement
- full wash, wax, and interior/exterior professional detailing 
(based on extent of work performed)

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